Hi and welcome! This is Black Saliva, a style focused blog written by Viivi Vanessa R.

I'm a 23 year old girl from Helsinki, Finland and this blog is my own little space on the internet where I can share my thoughts, outfits and write a bit about my life and stuff that I do.

For first timers, I'd say take a quick look at ABOUT ME and get to know me a little before browsing through my posts.

Anyway, I hope you like my blog and leave me a comment.
Enjoy your stay!


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how to live with long nails

The wait is finally over and my "How do you do that shit with those nails?!" -video is ready to be published! I tried to film all the things you asked me to and I hope the video turned out to be atleast somewhat satisfying! If it wasn't for Sini, I don't know how much longer it would've taken me to get this done, so huuuge thanks to her for helping me out!

I absolutely hate video editing (because I suck at it so bad), so the result isn't visually super awesome but I hope you don't mind and the point gets through anyway.

If you still have questions about how I do some things, ask away :D But I think this video should make it clear that the nails don't prevent me from doing daily stuff.

Happy watching!


playground plaid

jacket gina tricot plaid shirt choies top boy london x long clothing leggings choies
beanie boy london shoes kookenkä shades choies necklace choies

Whoop whoop whaddap guys? I thought I'd show you my current favorite casual look that I've been wearing on many occasions lately! I got some money to spend at Choies a while ago and picked a few things from their store that I'm wearing in these pics.

My number one favorite piece of these is the long red plaid shirt, which actually is a dress, but you can wear it as a cardigan if you don't button it up! I was actually planning to buy a similar piece from Black Moral (1, 2), but it sold out super quickly and I couldn't get my hands on it so I went with the second best option. The red one seems to be sold out atm, but they still have it in green here which is as cool as this one.

The other things I picked were the leggings, the necklace and the sunglasses WHICH I KNOW are knock-offs of the House of Holland shades I've drooling over for a long time but haven't had the change to buy them.... Well, I wouldn't buy fake stuff but I got these for free so forgive my sins ok.
I also got this cool harness thing, but I haven't figured out an outfit for it yet.

Also, guess what!!! Remember when I asked you guys to throw some questions about my nails and how do I do stuff with them? That was like half a year ago lol but anyway. Yesterday, me and Sini finally filmed it! I'll try to get it edited during the Easter holiday so please look forward to it, ok?


blogger's inspiration day

My bb Alex flew back to Finland a week ago to spend some quality time with us during the week. Last saturday, I attended to Indiedays' Inspiration day & blog awards gala with him and Sini. We also met up with Sari and her friend Saga and spent the day together.

The day part consisted of meeting other bloggers, making contacts for possible future collaborations, attending to different blog related lessons (we didn't attend to any of them tho, heh) and enjoying food & drinks. They also had different contests you could take part in and everybody got a goodiebag when they left.

I don't have any pics from the evening or my look for the evening gala except for the one I posted on Twitter, but there wasn't as many activities there as there was at the day event. They basically just handed out the awards (congrats to those who won something!!) and when that was done, everybody started drinking lol.

I personally enjoyed the day event more, because I was feeling a bit nauseous at the evening gala due to drinking too much of Fresita, ugh. After the gala, we continued the party at my place before heading to a club for the rest of the evening. Overally it was a fun night and it was so nice to meet people - old and new - again!