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TOKYO'14: attending to lives

One of the main reasons for my trip was to attend my favourite band's summer tour. I mean, I would've gone ofcourse even if they didn't have any gigs, but since they announced fanclub only tours for the whole year and one of them was during the summer, I waited for the dates and booked my flights according to those.

Once the tour dates were announced, I decided to get tickets for three of them (all in Tokyo, because I didn't wanna travel too far and get lost lol) and luckily I got tickets to all gigs I wanted to! Here's a little summary of each concert:

7/18 Zepp DiverCity(Tokyo)

2 agony
5 MOB 136 BARS
8 [子宮]
9 紅蓮
10 千鶴
11 13STAIRS[-]1
16 LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~
17 関東土下座組合

18 Ride with the ROCKERS
19 ワイフ
21 Filth in the beauty
Okay, so! The first of the three gigs I was about to attend, was on my second day in Tokyo. I had just spent my first night in my rented room and woke up feeling kinda like "woah, where the hell am I?".

Anyway, I got up, went to grab some breakfast from 7Eleven and started getting ready for the gig in the evening (I tried to curl my hair but wow, it didn't work at all because of the heat and humidity). Luckily I had an idea where the concert venue would be, since I had been to Odaiba on my previous trip to Japan.

I got to the venue early enough, so I had time to look for the office box where I was supposed to pick up my ticket from. Found it, got my ticket, did some merch shopping (I bought the keychain and mini pouch) and started waiting for the gig. At this point I was all by myself, because Anna, who was about to join me for this gig, had some trouble getting her ticket (which she had bought from another fan), so she didn't arrived to the venue until later.

After she arrived, I met up with her and her friends and we went to put our stuff into a coin locker at the train station so it would be easy to get them back after the gig.

This was btw my first ever gig in Japan, so I was all new to the live culture in there. Unlike in Finland, you don't have to wait in line to get in to the venue, because you have a number on your ticket which tells you when you can go in. Mine was 1221, so I got in when they called people between 1200 and 1299 or something like that. After that you paid the drink fee (¥500) and got coin you could change into a drink at any point of the concert you wanted to.

After getting the drinks, we ran to the concert hall and took the spots we liked/could and waited for other friends with bigger numbers to get in and join us.

Finally the gig started and woooow it was something else. Now, I've seen the GazettE live twice before, but only in Finland and the atmosphere was totally different. When in Finland, the only thing you do during the lives is raise your fist (and then maybe changing to the other hand because your arm gets tired) and mosh, in Japan, each song has different furis (furi = things you do with your hands during the song, kind of a coreography) or other things literally everyone does during each song. I knew this was how it was going to be, because I had heard about it, but it was still so cool to actually experience it.

I was a little afraid I wouldn't know all the furis, but it was easy to catch up by watching what other fans were doing. So instead of just staring at the band, doing things and having fun together as an audience, is a much better way to spend a gig and just having your eyes glued to the band.

The songs I liked the most were probably 13STAIRS[-]1 because I reeeeally wanted to hear it live (it's one of my favourite gaze songs), ワイフ (waifu) because it's one of their first songs and it was really cool live, AND 関東土下座組合 (kantō dogeza kumiai) because they never play it outside Japan and it has a really specific feeling to it. It was great.


There was two weeks between the first and second gig I attended. At first I was prepared to go alone to this one, but I got to know that Domi, whom I follow on Twitter, was also coming to this one. I messaged her and decided to meet her and her friends once before the live!

When the day came, I first went to just pick up my ticket from the venue and then had dinner with Anna and Rena (who weren't coming to this live) quickly before the live. The time went by really quickly and I had to run back to the venue after eating to get there in time lol.

Because of the tight schedule, I had to leave my stuff with Anna and ask her to put them into a locker at Shibuya station, but luckily that was okay and she was able to just text me the locker code so I could get them out after the gig came to an end.

After getting in, I spotted Domi and the others in the audience and joined them for the live! The spots we got were reeeally good because even though we we're on the "back", the venue was quite small and we were standing on a platform (and because japanese people are short haha) we had a clear view to the stage!

In one of the pics I snapped, you can see a girl wearing a t-shirt that says "green moral" on the back. I thought that was funny since the GazettE's merch brand is called "black moral", so what the hell was that....

The best songs during this live were probably Sugar Pain and obviously [DIS], because I did not expect to hear that one live at all!!

2 agony
4 Hyena
5 MOB 136 BARS
6 Sugar Pain
8 紅蓮
9 千鶴
10 13STAIRS[-]1
16 LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~
17 関東土下座組合

18 Ride with the ROCKERS
19 [DIS]
21 Filth in the beauty


5 MOB 136 BARS
7 ガンジスに赤い薔薇
8 白き憂鬱
9 泣ヶ原
11 13STAIRS[-]1
16 LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~
17 関東土下座組合

18 Ride with the ROCKERS
19 Rich Excrement
21 Filth in the beauty
...aaand the final gig! Me and Rena had decided to do some outfit shopping and get our hair done before the live, because it was also the tour final!

We met in front of Shinjuku Alta and continued our way to the top floor to buy red dresses from Fernopaa (also ended up being snapped for Fernopaa staff blog hehe). The idea behind the red dresses was because the GazettE has a song called 赤いワンピース (akai onepiece = red onepiece = red dress) and we were hoping they would play it for the final :D

After we were done shopping for the dresses, we went to book a time for hair-dos. While waiting for our turn, we had lunch at Saizeriya. While eating, I tried to find a pic from Tumblr of the kind of hairset I wanted, so it would be easier to explain it to the hairdresser, because my japanese isn't that good yet.

When it was time to get our hair done, we explained the kind of hair we wanted and the hairdressers started working right away. The salon we went to was Loove in Kabukicho. The hairset cost something like ¥1600 and it took 15minutes when I had 2 girls curling my hair, haha.

Getting my hair done in Japan was something I've wanted to do for a long time and it was really fun and cheap too! If you ever visit Japan, please try it!

After we were done, we met up with Anna and went to take some purikura before the gig. Shortly after we had to take a train to Shinkiba where the venue was located.

In the front of the venue we ran into Domi and the others and decided to join them for the live. The spots we got were kinda in the middle of the venue, a bit more on Uruha's side, but the venue was quite big so there was still a lot of people in front of us.

This live, being the tour final, started a bit different than the previous ones. The coolest songs were probably ガンジスに赤い薔薇 (ganges ni akai bara) because it had the cool flames and Uruha seemed to have some problems during the song because some staff members were fixing his things almost during the whole song lol. DIM SCENE had an amazing light show and it was extremely emotional, not to mention they played 白き憂鬱 (shiroki yuutsu) and 泣ヶ原 (nakigahara) just before it...

The audience got a bit too crazy during LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~ and people, me included, started falling over eachother. But luckily everyone was super nice and started pulling us back up right after we fell and everyone could continue dancing to their hearts content. Rich Excrement was also really nice to hear live.

Even though they didn't end up playing 赤いワンピース that me and Rena had hoped for, the live was amazing nevertheless. And I must say I have never sweated so much during a live! It was so hot that all of my lashes fell off and my hairset was totally destroyed (see the last pic, haha).

After the gig I decided to head home because I was sooo tired. I actually fell asleep in the train and drove past my stop and had to change it so I could get back, haha.

Going to lives in Japan was a great experience that I hope to redo sometime in the future! I would definitely like to see the GazettE again and also attend to my other favourite band's lives as well!



t-shirt black moral shorts unif shoes y.r.u shades black moral necklace ghost of harlem

Throwback to last summer! Here's an outfit I never posted (except for the last photo). I ordered some merch from Black Moral when the GazettE's scene 02 aka Pulse Wriggling To Dim Scene -tour started. The items I picked were the white version of the t-shirt, a mirror and sunglasses! I was afraid they wouldn't arrive on time before I would leave to Japan, but luckily I got them a few days before my flight.

Anyway, this outfit also ended up being what I wore for the first two gigs. Except for the shoes, I didn't bring those white platforms to Japan with me. They would've been quite dangerous too because the gigs tend to get kinda crazy, so I chose to wear regular black boots instead.

What I really like about the GazettE's merch, is that it doesn't scream the band's name. It looks like something I would normally wear, but is recognizable to those who are also fans of the band. That's the best way I think, every other tour t-shirt I've ever bought, has ended up serving it's purpose as a pyjama or not even that.

The sunglasses were the most expensive ones from this bunch, but I don't regret buying them at all, since the quality is really good and not just some cheap plastic. I love collecting different glasses and sunglasses and I was missing this kind of basic looking pair, so they are a great addition to my collection!

Ah, looking at these pictures is making me miss summer so so much.


Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick review + tips for lip lining

Yooo! I have a product that I want to review for you. It's a velour liquid lipstick by Jeffree Star and you've already seen me wearing it in a couple of my previous posts. I follow Jeffree on Instagram, not because of his music but because I like the makeup stuff he posts, so when he first started posting about his own cosmetics brand and these lipsticks, I took a mental note to keep an eye on the process because it seemed interesting.

After the long wait was finally over and these were released, there was 3 different colors to choose from and a bundle that included all three colors. I was first thinking about getting all three, but changed my mind because one of the colors was neon pink and I felt like I might not have use for it... So in the end I only bought my favourite color of the bunch, which is this gorgeous shade of purple; I'm Royalty. I love purple lipsticks so much.


The packaging is really cute and reminds me of Barbie for some reason, but it doesn't feel cheap at all when you hold it. I was really sceptic about the applicator and if you can do sharp lines with it, but you can! So you won't be needing a different lip brush for lining.

But if I have to give critique about something, it's the size of the cap you hold on to when applying. I wish it would be a bit bigger so it would fit better in my hand when applying the lipstick. But that's the only thing, hehe.

So! The package says you should allow about 60 seconds for it to dry and after that, it has become completely matte and cool. I filmed at little clip showing how well it stays on after it's dried:

Remember to activate the subtitles/CC if you need them!

Amazing right? I've actually been trying to eat different things while wearing this, so I could see how well it stays on :DD What I usually find the hardest ones to eat while wearing a lipstick, are salads and with oily dressings and other greasy food, because my lipstick always likes to run outside the lines.

This one on the other hand doesn't do that! The only thing I noticed is that when eating, it might start crumbling a bit from the inner parts, but that's super easy to fix when you're done eating.

Other good points are that it feels like there's almost nothing on your lips when you wear it, and if it's windy outside, your hair won't get stuck on your lips because it's matte.

The removal is a bit harder than with a regular lipstick, because you can't just grab a piece of toilet paper and rub it off. You have to use makeup remover to get it off, but even my non-waterproof remover works fine.

I also wanted to include a little lip lining tutorial to this post about how to make your lips look bigger and fuller, because I've gotten questions if I took lip fillers recently (the answer is no, I haven't :D) and requests for tips. So, here we go!

1. Start with bare lips! As you can see, my upper lip is quite small and I'm okay with that, but it looks a bit silly with lipstick if I don't over-draw the lines a bit.

For a matte lipstick like this one, it's recommended to scrub and moisturize your lips well before using it. So go do some scrubbing and put on lip balm when you start doing your makeup, BUT remember to wipe it off when you get to the part when you do your lips. Otherwise the lipstick might not stay on so well.

2. This step is optional. If you feel like you need some help figuring out where the lines should be, start lining your natural lip line first. Then start rising it slowly till you're satisfied with the size/shape of your upper lip.

I didn't have the exact same color of liner as the lipstick is, but it doesn't matter because the coverage is amazing as it will be opaque in one coat and will hide this liner completely.

3. Go over your lips and the lines with the lipstick. Let dry and you're ready to go!

I might've gotten a bit too excited about this lipstick, because I made an order to Lime Crime few days ago and bought 5 new lipsticks.... (3 of them are liquid ones like this and 2 are regular) I hope I will get them soon! If you wanna see the colors I ordered, go see my Facebook page, I posted a pic there.

Anyway, I hope you found this post helpful! See ya!