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NEW NAILS: The Imperial King of Camelot

Ah, I finally got rid of the horrible nails I had earlier. I didn't learn to like them at all, so I was happy to recieve the F.U.N polishes and getting a reason to remove them a couple weeks before their time. This time, I like the result a lot more!

The first one of the F.U.N bunch which made it to my nails, was King! I kinda wanted to use Pay Day first because that was my favourite one, but I felt like King -being gold and all - went better with the purple polish, Imperial by Picture Polish, because it has gold glitter in it as well.

Each nail blog I follow, has been all hyped up about Picture Polish -polishes lately, and I can finally see the reason why. The formula is ah-maaaaziiiing! Even with super long nails like mine, Imperial still applied smoothly, evenly and gave an opaque finish with only 2 coats!! I'm impressed and I want more.

Imperial is the most gorgeous shade of purple I've ever had on my nails and if you know me, you know I have a thing for purples. Along with the gold glitter I mentioned earlier, it also has blue shimmer in it, which is not that visible in my pictures but anyway, there is some. This is also a first for me, because I usually like cremes and glitters only, but this one, being something like both of those, also makes my heart go ba-dump, ba-dump.

Now. Can we talk about the sparkle that King has?? The picture above is taken with flash, so you can really see the holographic sparkle. And I can assure you it's as gorgeous in person too, if not even better.

My favourite black polish is Camelot by A England, and that's what I used with these nails as well. It applies
like a dream and is opaque with two coats.

I decorated the black nails with some golden nail art tape and iridescent silver transfer foil, which I bought from Mosaic's booth at I Love Me -expo last Fall. To finish the look, I added various nail art studs and some charms in complimentary colors.

So, what do you think of these? Are they better than the previous set? If you have any thoughts, please share. They are very much appreciated.

The title of the post is a little wordplay of the polishes' names btw :D It was like they were meant to be used together, having names with a similar theme, hihi.

Here's a list of products that I used:
• Picture Polish: Imperial (purple polish)
A England: Camelot (black polish)
F.U.N Lacquer: King (gold glitter polish)
Mosaic transfer foil + foil glue (Ciaté)
Nail art studs
• Nail Metal Charms from Donki
• Purple swarovski crystals
• Gold nail art tape
• Camé & diamond charms


All that glitters isn't gold - but it's still damn F.U.N!

You know, I got excited about nail polishes pretty often (well, more like everyday), but it's rare I get this excited! My favourite polishes are those with glitter and when we're talking about glitter polishes, a singaporean indie polish brand, F.U.N Lacquer, has one of the best ones I've seen so far! The more it sparkles, the better it is and these ones are definitely not lacking on the sparkle-factor.

We just recently got this brand to Finland and I had to purchase my three favourite colors right away, before they will sell out. The prices for a bottle start at 17,60€ and you can purchase them from International buyers can check the brand's own bigcartel store.

The colors I got, are Queen, Pay Day and King. I also wanted to get Galaxy, but I heard there was some problems with it's ingredients/formula, so I will get that a bit later.

Both King and Queen are foil effect holo glitter polishes. While King is gold, Queen is the exact same thing but in silver. An absolutely gorgeous duo.

Pay Day is a bit different though and I would say the color is closer to being platinum than plain silver. It's just so damn pretty and even though it's hard to decide my favourite one between these three, I think I'll have to pick Pay Day, because of it's uniqueness.

F.U.N (which comes from the words "Fabulously Unique Nail lacquer" btw and isn't kidding when stating so), describes Pay Day as not a glitter polish, but a polish with metallic, mirror-like finish. It also contains real sterling silver flakes and is breathtakingly gorgeous in person. Btw, PD applies really smooth and doesn't feel coarse even without top coat, which is rare with all kinds of glitter polishes.

Here's some swatches I made:

Pictures with black background are taken with flash and the ones with white background are taken in natural light. The picture above shows the holographic sparkle of King and Queen, and the picture below gives an idea of Pay Day's mirror effect. I still think these are something you should absolutely see in person (fall in love and spend all you money, you know, haha), and you can do so by visiting CesarsShop in Helsinki (Vuorikatu 22, 00100 HKI).

The glitter payoff is really good and these need 2-3 coats for full coverage.

This is about how close to macro shots I can get with my current camera gear. Maybe I should start thinking about investing in another lens...

What was your favourite one? On Saturday's post I will show you nails I made using one of these polishes. Can you guess which one it will be?

Psst.. I added a "related posts" -widget to my blog, which will suggest you similar posts like the one you were just reading. I hope this will help you find more interesting articles from this blog! What do you think about it? It will be located at the end of each post, like this


TOKYO'14: bars and partying

Well... This post feels a bit awkward to me, because I've been getting this kind of messages on social media since last summer: "lol you went to Japan only to drink" or "have you done anything else except partying?". I just want to say WHAT THE FREAKING F WHY does it bother some of you so much what I do on my holiday? :D I'm an adult and I'm allowed to do what the hell ever I want when I'm on my hard earned holiday, whether it be drinking or sleeping in my room if I feel like it. Also I feel like nobody had complained if I would've gone to, let's say Spain for example, and done the same thing because that's what you (or atleast us Finns) usually do there. But even if it was Japan, why is it any different? I don't get it.

I wouldn't usually post about drinking in my blog but since it was kind of a big part of the trip (I'm not going to lie) and also a lot of fun so I thought why not. Also this: drinking doesn't always mean getting piss ass drunk. Just saying.

Last summer was exceptional in many ways, and one of the reasons was that so many of my Finnish friends happened to be in Tokyo at the same time. Some of us are/were living there and some of us were on a holiday. My favourite though was Ayu who flew from Seoul to Tokyo for one night just so she could party with us :'D On my first weekend we decided to have a get-together and go partying with the fellow finns and there was 9 of us in total. That's a lot.

Tuomas had picked an izakaya in Kabukicho and reserved a room for us for the evening. I don't remember how much it cost for each of us, but the price included drinks, food and karaoke and it was quite cheap. We spent hours in our tiny cave-like room and the drinks kept coming. I actually have a video of Tuomas and Jenni singing 女々しくて (Memeshikute) by Golden Bomber with quite inappropriate improvised finnish lyrics, but let's leave that unposted for their sake...

After the izakaya closed, we went to buy more drinks from konbini (=convenience store) and continued our party on the streets of Shinjuku... The shitty thing about Tokyo is that if you miss your last train, you will spend the whole night out (unless you want to take a taxi home). And the last train goes somewhere around 1am if I remember correct.

However, one of the greatest and craziest nights in Tokyo started with me and Anna going to Odaiba beach to enjoy the view of Rainbow Bridge and enjoying drinks bought from a konbini close to the beach. We ran into some guys from Dubai at the beach and chatted with them for a while.

Soon after the guys disappeared somewhere and we took a taxi to Shinjuku and ended up going to this bar called PSY, which later became our usual place to hang out at in Tokyo. The funny thing is that out of all the bars, we ended up going to the one that happened to be a somewhat finnish/northern metal bar. Or atleast the bartenders were huge Stam1na fans and had Finland's and Norway's flags hanging behind the counter. One of them knew some finnish and could sing along finnish hits from years ago. I found this video from Youtube filmed by some random finnish guy and I can swear nothing in the bar has changed ever since.

I have no idea where the marker in PSY came from, but each time it seemed like the greatest idea to write stupid stuff on eachother. Here's a tip: don't teach japanese guys dirty words in finnish or it will end up on their arms and Facebook statuses.

I might've had the worst walk of shame the next day when I woke up at my guesthouse with Anna and had to go buy something to drink from the vending machines outside the house. I was wearing pyjamas, slippers, and still had the writings on my arms. I managed to drop some coins on the ground while going back to the house and a group of babbling grandmas were walking towards me. They went completely silent when passing me, heh.

You probably guessed it already, but not all of these pics are from the same night. Anyway, here's some norwegian guy with dangerous moves dancing on the bar stand, an old finnish comedy clip, Ufopornoo!!, playing on the TV and I still have no idea how they even knew about it. And then there's me and Anna and some random guy on the background.

In the first pic is me with some new friends from the bar: Tomo and Olly!

And in the second & third one there's one of the bartenders, Ryutaro, and some norwegian girl who claimed we met at the meetup in Oslo in 2011, which I can't really recall but I guess we did.... :D

One thing I have to mention about japanese alcohol, it's so weak. I don't know if it's just me having a high tolerance but I could easily have 10 drinks and not feel any different. I'm not saying this to brag, it was quite annoying to be honest. If you wanted to get drunk, you had to go to a konbini to buy your own vodka and drink that before going to a bar.

The 3% canned drink in the in the picture I only bought because of it's funny name: ほろよい (horoyoi) which sounds like "horo joi" in finnish and can literally be translated as "the whore drank". Well, you bet she did. And it tasted quite good too.

Checking out some bars with Anna and Jenni.

Karaoke and drinks at バカモンロック with Chriss and Fin, and later joined by Ashley

And now, time to end this booze-scented post with the best pic ever taken of me. I was taking a "break" during my first night in PSY and Anna decided to take some snaps of it. This picture has been my Facebook cover photo ever since, haha.